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The official accessory brings uneven wireless charge to galaxy S4, takes a little extra girth as the price

The wireless charge as if looks like unimportant luxurious these characteristics one, has used it for you until you. The ability places your telephone to get down in an inconceivable pad and arranges it possibly to change you to use the way of your equipment through the ether charge. Suddenly, you from the wire are freedom, and cannot be worried the constant that cramps out blocks with. It is the convenience that increases, if you all day are the work that sits in the desk, even if you must charge your telephone in the wire in nightstand, does not need to be tangled.

Samsung galaxy S4 excluding ability of wireless charge outside box, to replace back cover and form of cargo selling on credit sign, but the official S battery charger kit brings the uneven standard to make the human charge to the equipment. In order to exchange a little in the extra thickness of telephone, this makes you use the wireless charge in your S4. And it may obtain from fixes a price now $89.95, marked price 10%.

Therefore we adopt close look--We have the video recording and picture after the break and more words!

Samsung galaxy S4 S battery charger kit comes in two parts. First, the telephone, the house replace back cover essential all components make the telephone use make the human charge. Jin Lianluo connects the S4 interior, and cover seizes into some to guarantee the click vigorously and healthily again the place. You will pay attention to give galaxy S4 to bring about it probably. Wireless charge the first matter of cover is the additional weight it increases some extra millimeters to other behind and few weights of equipment, is. Looks at the LED flash--Now hides is far away from the back cover the surface--Gives you many extra thickness idea it to increase.

It is not the trivial considerable amount extra thickness, and distinguishes compared with the cosmetic is more. S4 becomes surrounds and new back cover, perhaps the change way you hold it. (Sees by us, this in fact makes easier to hold.)Finally, if you want to know that NFC still even with arriving a thicker back cover used together, although you have perhaps bought possible any form fitting case not to conform to the charge in wireless of plate.
The cover of galaxy S4 regular back cover to wireless charge - click animation expansion

The second part of kit is the official Samsung cargo selling on credit sign, because the name suggestion is small, on whick curving plate that the telephone sits. Its edge turns up, and is the surface weaves the above of not very thin stop matter to slip without the gloss, is the plastic of illumination, and base rubber processing takes it to be in place. Once it puts through, it is places the telephone instance in the pad, and it will start to charge automatically--You will be told a small ball the news you wireless will open with LED in plate the charge of telephone.

Galaxy S4 charge wireless in 650mA, is quite reasonable. Must invest that in the perspective, charges 2.0 will give you from the computer in USB 500mA, and most AC battery chargers will charge in 1A. Galaxy S4 wall battery charger in fact charges in full two amps--Therefore was still your fast best instance charge. That that said that the key benefit of wireless charge is convenient, is not the speed.

It has to act according to the standard of uneven wireless charge, meant that the charge behind should use with the pad of existing uneven charge with the pad should with the telephone of uneven obedience (we used together test us with linking smoothly 4.)

The bottom line is you trades the extra thickness for wireless charge convenience, and whether is worth it relying on to you how you to use the telephone, and important thin, smoothly how designs is. We continue to use S battery charger kit as to make the galaxy our fundamental mode S4 active, and we will renew and the articles of all long-term impressions.

The kit of official Samsung galaxy S4 wireless charge may use from $89.95 now, 10% buys the marked price!

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